HP Printer Assistant for Windows Problem Solutions Step-by-Step

HP Printer Assistant for Windows is printer software that integrates with HP Printers. However, it doesn’t come for all HP Printers. HP claims it is only available with 2009 or above HP printers. As you can see, this software is only for Windows operating system. It is such helpful software because you can do many related tasks of your printer. You can perform scanning some documents, checking the current ink level, ordering some supplies, and many more with this software.

There is an issue in regard to HP Printer Assistant for Windows that usually occur for Windows users who have just upgraded their OS to a new version of Windows. The issue shows that the Printer Setup & Software instead of the settings and tools view. It is also followed by the missing icon of printer when you open Device and Printer folders. The same issue also appears even if you set the printer up before you upgraded your Windows. Here are several solutions that you can try to solve this issue.

Basically there are only two ways to resolve this issue. The first one is by setting up the printer connection once again. Another way is by reinstalling both HP driver and software. But, we also add extra steps to resolve it below.

Step 1 Reconnecting the Printer

This is the first that you should do when the HP Printer Assistant doesn’t show the settings and tools view. Your printer must be reconnected to your device. Then, please click Connect a new printer on the screen when the Printer Assistant tools pop out. You can select the connection type firstly before you follow the on-screen instructions to set your printer. If there is a red X popped out and you failed connecting the printer, please click Retry to proceed to the next step.

If the failure still occurs, turn off your printer. Close all running programs on your computer. You have to restart your computer. Once it has restarted, turn on the printer. Open the HP Printer Assistant for Windows once again and find one of these conditions:

  • If the Printer Assistant is opened, the problem is solved.
  • If you still find the failure with a red X and can’t open the Printer Assistant, please continue to the next solution.

Step 2 Removing any HP Printer Software

Removing the printer software obligates you to uninstall all software or driver in regard to HP product. To do this, you must disconnect your printer firstly from your computer. Ensure the USB cable of your printer isn’t attached to the computer. Open Search menu and type Programs and Features. Click on it and you will see a list of installed programs in your computer. Choose your HP printer name and then click Uninstall. Follow the instructions to complete the process. Lastly, please restart your computer.

Step 3 Reinstall the HP’s latest driver on the internet

After removing the software from your computer, it is time to reinstall the latest driver of your HP printer. Search on the search engine about it and simply download it to your computer. An alternative way of it is by using the installation CD. Prepare and turn on your printer, but don’t connect it to your computer first. Access this page to look for the latest driver of your printer and Windows. Now, you can download either the full feature driver or other driver options.

Step 4 Reboot Your Computer and Printer

To finish the setup, you have to reboot both your printer and computer. First off all, you have to turn off your printer, then your computer simultaneously. Afterwards, turn on the printer and then your computer. Open the HP Printer Assistant for Windows. Please check these conditions:

  • If the software works perfectly, the problem is resolved.
  • If you have failed to open the software or see the Printer Setup & Software appearing, please connect your printer once again and restart both computer and printer to finish the setup.

Step 5 Using the Windows built-in print driver

There is always a way to solve this issue. If you find yourself confused with this issue, you must try this method. It is by using the Windows built-in print driver. Previous troubleshooting may not work properly. So, this last way must work no matter what. Click on this link to install and use the driver.

Before we end this article, we have some tasks that you can do with windows built-in print driver. They are as follow:

  • You are able to open HP Printer Assistant or HP Solution Center printer management software.
  • You are able to print directly from a Start app and Desktop app
  • You can mostly do the basic features of printer such as scanning, faxing, checking the ink level, setting the printer preferences.

Those features are the basic or standard features of printing that you can find on HP Printer Assistant for Windows.

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